We provide Complete MLS entry & syndication to over 100 different websites including Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin,  etc… This MLS syndication is what will attract buyers the most. In today’s world most buyers are looking online before doing anything else. Making sure you have a good online presence is what we excel at!

We provide Email Marketing to agents all over Northern Colorado and Denver metro. After we enter your property in the MLS we then create a E-brochure of your home and email it out to as many Real Estate agents as we can throughout our region. Most agents will notice your home after it hits the MLS but this email marketing will ensure that they notice your property and send if off to their respective buyers.

We provide Highly Targeted & Aggressive social media marketing specific to your property. Running “smart” adds on Facebook and Instagram will target buyers that have been browsing the internet for homes for sale. We target your adds to be placed in front of the most likely buyers for your home.

We provide Professional photography. Different MLS’s allow for a different number of photos to be uploaded. Whatever MLS we place you into we will make sure to provide high quality professional photography to maximize your homes appeal.

We provide Flyers & brochures. We create high quality brochures and flyers for your home. We will upload these brochures directly to the MLS and we can provide a box for prospective buyers to take from as well as to have in your home for showings. This is where we provide any additional information you would like to include to highlight certain aspects of your home.

We provide Professional Showing Services including automatic Feedback from showings. When an agent would like to show your home, they will make the request online through our professional showing service company. You will receive the request via text or email and approve, decline, or reschedule the showing based on your ability to allow showings at that time. Using this service allows us to keep a log of everyone who has come to your home so that we can follow up! This service also allows the showing agent to provide feedback from their buyers and will be directly emailed to you.

We provide Yard Sign & Lockbox. This seems like a no brainer, but you might be surprised! We provide a high-quality yard sign promoting your home for sale … This is where we can provide our brochures as well. We also provide a secure lockbox in a convenient location for all the showings!

We provide full-service contract negotiation. This is really where the “rubber meets the road” in any real estate transaction! After we successfully market your home and receive an acceptable offer, we will fully represent you and your best interests in the sale of your home. We make sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted throughout the process from the 1st offer all the way to the closing table.

We provide coordination of title and closing. As part of our full service we make sure that all aspects of your home sale are handled. We coordinate with all the other “players” like the title company, buyer’s agent and lender, appraisers, etc … Our goal is to make sure your home sale is completed in the most efficient way possible and we believe that constate communication will all parties involved is essential!